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    Zhejiang Jiaan Gas Safety Technology Co., Ltd.,founded in 1990, is specialized in the production of domestic started the earliest and largest manufacturers of household gas security products, we are a direct advocacy of "life first" "safety first" sense of social responsibility, the gas safety issues identified as research and development to develop and produce all kinds of security equipment, gas stove is committed to creating an ideal security environment that occupy the home among ordinary people.

    Company has first-class high-quality talent, has one a complete set of production line automation, and advanced testing facilities. Strictly enforce the ISO9002 international quality system operation. Introduction of foreign advanced technology, has successfully developed "gas safety valve", "gas energy saving purification safety valve", "gas remote safety valve", "gas automatic leakproof control device", "gas pipeline protection valve", "security timing valve", "combination" intelligent household gas leak proof and so on a series of household gas safety protection products, product technology become a gas safety industry at first, the international leading level.

    The company received 10 national patents, was named "outstanding science and technology innovation enterprise in zhejiang province"; Products listed in the national torch plan 2013 industrialization demonstration projects, won the "Einstein invented new technology international gold prize", "the progress of science and technology outstanding achievement in zhejiang province", and load the large literature arranges "Chinese soul Chinese leadership talent award".

    We always adhere to the "pragmatic, innovative efforts seriously," the idea, has won the domestic and foreign users widely recognized. We will through continuous improvement, continuous innovation, advancing with The Times, with the principle of "good faith strives for realism" and the social from all walks of life tongren hand in hand, for the benefit of humanity, create a better future.