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    Good brand gas security series products, is using the principle of magnetic switch action; Especially the security magnetic switch its superior structure, gas entered a, there is no set beside the switch handle put an end to the valve attachment leak phenomenon, magnetic switch no mechanical wear and tear, guarantee in use for a long time to avoid leakage caused by the wear of the valve itself, become a safety relief valve itself. This technique solves the similar products at home and abroad to restore air the plunger into the interior, designed the part of the thimble is a valve hole, and the thimble gasket easy ageing caused by gas leakage this fatal hidden trouble.

    Good brand gas security series products, developing the function of gas flow cut-off, intelligent gas timing closure function, high-tech wireless remote control cut function, and high performance thermal cut function, etc.; These high-end technology development and use of the environment that occupy the home for our users with a full range of security.