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    JA8802(A) Multi-Functional Household Gas Safety Valve

    release date:[2016-05-12]     Click rate: JA8802(A) Multi-Functional Household Gas Safety Valve

    Multi-Functional Household Gas Safety Valve

    Product overview: The Multi-Functional Household Gas Safety Valve is the result of a combination of a number of patented technologies from our company, which enables the integration of main functions, making the product more intelligent and personalized and therefore meeting the demands of various users more. Good for the elderly, children and other vulnerable people, it will bring users a safe and comfortable home environment.

    Installation and maintenance:

    The Multi-functional household gas safety valve is composed of an actuator, controller and detector.

    1. Install and use of the actuator: to be installed in front of the stove valve or to be used as the stove valve; there are two connection methods: the rubber interface and the internal and external thread interface, depending on the pipes of the burners.

    2. Install and use of the controller: to be installed on the cupboard door of the gas supply or on the wall in front of the stove.

    3. Install and use of the detector (alertor): to be installed in the same room as the gas stove and where there is a possibility of gas leakage. The installation location differs with the type of gas. It should not be installed in a well-ventilated place with strong airflow.

    4. Power off and malfunction warning: this valve is of ultra low-power design. Normally, two AA sized batteries (suggesting ShuangLu or NanFu) could last for 1 year for a normal family. When the battery voltage is lower than 2.3 V, the buzzer rings every 8 seconds, within 48 hours, to remind a replacement of battery. When an external cause leads to poor connection of the actuator cable, the controller will ring and alarm.

    5. Emergency treatment during power off: If the battery isn’t replaced within 48 hours after depleting, the valve will be shut down automatically. Push the red emergency switch in front of the actuator if gas is needed. (Note: all security functions will be stopped after starting the emergency switch. Please replace the battery to restore security functions).

    Main functions and advantages

    1. Regular cut-off function: this valve can cut out the gas source automatically in a set time when you do not use gas so as to prevent gas leakage.

    2. The thermal cut-off function: when other accidental fires outbreak in the kitchen and the indoor temperature rises to more than 55 ℃, this valve can protect and cut off the gas source automatically. This valve doesn’t use plastic seals so that it can prevent gas leakage at a high temperature of 500 ℃.

    3. The alarm of cut-off function: If gas leakage reaches a dangerous concentration, the detector will alarm and signal. Then the controller will receive the signal and instruct the actuator to close the air valve and display an alarm message every 8 seconds. (Note: Model JA8801-B without the detector doesn’t have this function.)

    4. Flow cut off function: The Multi-Functional Household Gas Safety Valve can automatically and instantly shut off the gas source when the air switch or voltage regulator is out of control or when the hose ruptures or disconnects.