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    release date:[2016-05-12]     Click rate: JA8303 COMBUSTIBLE GAS AUTOMATIC ANTI-LEAKAGE CONTROL DEVICE

    The combustible gas automatic anti-leakage control device is with multi-function of safety protection, the energy conservation, the environment purification together. Its dual protection setting of micro electricity control system and the overflow cut-off is the most novel and advanced protector of fuel gas using among the similar products at home and abroad recently. It has acquired six national patents protection and gold award of the International Einstein New Invention & New Technology, and also passed the achievement authentication by SSTC.

    Performance & Advantage:

    First, the Dual Protection Settings

    1. The combustible gas automatic anti-leakage control device can receive the fuel gas leakage warning by wireless remote control and cut off the source promptly. Its micro electricity control system brings 2 sections of 7# 1.5V alkaline batteries, which has greatly promoted the safety coefficient, comparing with the 220V alternating current used in the existing warning executive system.

    2. It can cut off the gas source when the gas is over-flow and over-pressure and instantaneously can not start the warning system because the gas source switch, the steel cylinder pressure regulator, the ignition switch are out of control or the trachea burst, fallen off .

    This product''''''''s dual protection setting has filled in the flaw in the current market that all kitchen fuel gas stove is only able to protect single item.Second, Heat Sensitive Function: When other accidental fires happen in the kitchen, it can automatically protect itself to cut off the gas source in case the room temperature was surpassing 50℃.

    Third, the magnetic field of the electrical magnetic valve for this product is a loop line, and the magnetic field gravitation for restoring the switch is a straight line. When the fuel gas get through these two dis-cocurrent magnetic regions, the fuel gas molecular receives the dual magnetic force to become atomization to enable the fuel gas burnt fully, thus achieves the energy conservation and reduces harmful smog, and protects the human health.

    Fourth,the exterior red plastic circle of the gas outlet is an induction zone of magnetic field, which can recover the gas source quickly by the contradictory airflow of the magnetic gravitation to push forward the plastic circle. This way can solve the fatal hidden dangers that most of the domestic and overseas products at present, which is with a thimble design to insert directly into the inner of valve, will make gas divulge because of the easily aging silicon seal.

    Fifth,the structure of this valve is ball plug, with one side of the valve connected with the ball parts through tension spring. Thus we can install the valve without any restriction of the direction and angle, which can solve the problem that most of the gas safety valve only can install horizontally at present.

    Sixth, as this device uses the wireless remote control, it can be installed without the restriction of the electric wire and place. It is possible to install it only referring to the instruction booklet, without any specialized project personnel

    Installation & Usage:

    First, Please connect one side of the rubber tube with the gas source and twist the circle tightly, and insert the other side into gas stoves about 1.80 cm by taking off the plastic corking. After opening the valve, in case it can not be fired up, please check the rubber tube, the attachments and other parts whether they are damaged and the ignition switch are closed or not. When everything is well prepared, it can work well whilepushing forward the plastic circle by the contradictory airflow direction.

    Second, the implementing agency of this product is micro power loss; 2 sections of 7# batteries normally uses for one year. When the voltage is lower than 2.4V, the safety valve can send out “toot toot…” long dinging noise to remind the user to replace the batteries. When replacing the batteries, please recognize the positive and negative on the lap accurately. If the positive and negative is correct, it will make toot twice and the valve will automatically shut-off one time.


    This product may install in the exit of the terminal valves or the pressure regulators of the family fuel gas stoves and fuel gas air conditioners and so on, which is matching with the fuel gas. It is easily installed and is suitable for the hotel, houses, and such fuel gases places.