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    Yuhuan: two cases of gas explosion occurred at the same day More than 90% of lar

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    China city gas network reported on September 4, 2014, yuhuan happened two leaking gas explosion accident, the two old man body large area burns.

    Around eight o 'clock in the morning yuhuan door harbor, because of gas burner improper operation, cause the gas explosion, more than 90% of the whole body skin burns, emergency medical personnel immediately opened the green channel, to treat the wounded.

    120 emergency physicians Him: "morning found has a very strong gas in the home, down to see, inadvertently turn on the gas burner, then caused the explosion, have a lighter, Mars, was the explosion, and instantaneous temperature is very high, the whole clothes were burned, and burned every one."

    Similarly, eight o 'clock last night, thunder, who lives in Chen Yu Mr. Su, due to smell the smell of gas in the home, went to the kitchen to investigate, a careless also caused the gas explosion.

    Yuhuan county people's hospital emergency room head nurse fang-xia Yang: "there are operation is not standard, the gas barrel isn't always at home, off the gas burner, the result just yesterday when replace the pipe has a small leak, then thunder and dark lit cigarette lighter, are suddenly explode."

    Learned, severe burns after the accident, as the injured skin damage, plus clothing also sticky skin burning, families without proper scientific disposition in the first time, lead to the patient feel pain.

    Yuhuan county people's hospital emergency room head nurse Fang-xia Yang: "like the patient last night, he suddenly after burn, clothes and skin is on a stick, the family is very nervous, suddenly took his clothes, causes the people the whole body skin peeling as a whole, very miserably, this approach is not desirable. It is best to the hospital to deal with."

    At present, the patient condition is stable, no sterile burn ward because of yuhuan county people's hospital, the two burn patients, through the base treatment, will be sent to the superior hospital for further treatment.